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Solar Electric for the San Luis Valley

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About Sandhill Solar


Sandhill Solar provides quality solar installations for homes and businesses in the sunny San Luis Valley. Solar energy is a clean alternative to electricity from fossil fuels and the sun has limitless energy to provide us!

Sandhill Solar's owner, Laura Conchelos, started her solar career by studying with Solar Energy International (SEI) in Paonia, Colorado. She worked for three years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for Positive Energy, one of the state’s largest solar companies. While there she obtained her NABCEP Professional Installer Certification and Residential Wireman's license.

Laura moved to Monte Vista, Colorado in 2016 to work for Solar Gain Services, installing and servicing systems around the San Luis Valley. That year she also began teaching solar classes for SEI. She enjoys introducing students from around the world to the benefits of solar energy.

Laura is a board member of the San Luis Valley Housing Coalition.

When not teaching or installing, Laura enjoys playing outdoors; hiking, skiing, fishing, gardening and exploring the local landscape.

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Services We Offer

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Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Connected to the electrical grid but interested in going solar? Utilize solar electricity to offset some or all of your electrical usage. Depending upon your utility, (Xcel or SLV REC) and the amount of electricity your household or business uses, your system may pay itself off in as little as 9 years, proving much better than some other investments!


Off-Grid Solar Systems

Do you live off-grid and need batteries to run electrical loads? Or do you want a battery-backup system so that you can run critical appliances when the grid goes down? Either way, Sandhill Solar can hook you up! 

Building a new house? It may be less expensive to put in a solar PV system and batteries than to pay the utility to bring in electricity from the grid.


Service and Warranties

Whether grid-tied or off-grid, solar electric systems need servicing from time to time.

Though these can be beautifully simple, solar electric systems also need to have batteries and other components replaced as they age.

Sandhill Solar offers a workmanship warranty in addition to the warranty on the components. We also offer service  and maintenance plans for those that do not wish to maintain their own systems.




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